Success Story

=Doug Cotter Atlanta=

In relation to success stories, there is just one that counts surpass all the others.


The reality is that you will never qualify as a hit story until you have helped others being success stories too. To become pointed out as a success story, you’ll need every ounce of willing success allow you to can get, a cheering area of people whom you permit to take prideful credit to your success story.

=Doug Cotter Atlanta=

This is a rule to remember: people aren’t gonna exert themselves to help you a success story if you’re not willing and able to help them become one as well.

What can be better for a corporation than a bunch of people trying hard to make each other look nice!

But watch out! There is a snare here — quite possibly a hidden snare. The snare is the guy or gal who takes credit for your accomplishments, your ideas, your hitting the bottom line bull’s eye. And soon you can deal successfully using this kind of glory seeker, business energy story may be up for grabs.

One stratey is to bite your tongue, smile and hope that this powers that might be eventually see the true skinny about the situation. Often a better — admittedly riskier — technique is to do something dramatic, like surprising everybody or more and quitting. Once the powers that be call you for an explanation, have a single page introduction to the most important things you have done, preferably in terms of dollars. Ideally, you’ll leave the big boss’s office having an expression of appreciation, an increase, and maybe your idea stealer’s office.

The roll-out of a success story usually requires a gamble. But bet with all the odds in your favor. That way, in case you bet on yourself, the odds are you will win.


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