Success Stories: Making Them Happen to suit your needs

=Doug Cotter=

True success stories do not happen overnight generally. Winning the lottery isn’t one of the true success stories-it is simply case of someone getting lucky. Whether you want to lose weight, start your individual business, move up the business ladder, or just be successful in your own home, there are issues that you can do to be successful. So, when you see those accounts of success on the news or in your chosen magazine, don’t just walk away and say “that won’t happen to me.” Let the stories and the individuals in them inspire you to make nearly anything of your life. Here are some principles you can find in success stories:

1. Just be sure you define success clearly on your own. If you think that success would be to make a million dollars next 5 years, then that’s your definition of success. Most of the people in success stories have clear goals and outcomes that they can want to achieve before they will start out. These goals may change with time and the journey, nevertheless, you must have something to dedicate yourself to.

2. Outline the steps in your success. Success stories tend to be more than a beginning plus an end. They have chapters involving. Set smaller attainable goals which lead up to your big goal of success. For instance, in order to lose 50 pounds in year, you will have to lose about 1 pound per week. Set goals that may help you to reach that.

3. Take pleasure in the journey. When people are writing accounts of success they will have many victories as you go along. Document and celebrate those victories. Have a reward-even if it is just a pat on the back and saying “You achieved it!” This can be a time for it to refocus on your goal.

4. Changes happen. Individuals who have ever traveled recognizes that things happen which change your plans. They may be no more than a speed bump, or as large as a fork inside the road or a dead end. When the big things happen, you can pick up and commence again or you can make positive changes to goal and leave again. Failure only occurs when you stop trying.

=Doug Cotter=


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