Steps to Becoming A Real Success Story

=Douglas Cotter=

The Definition of success is: The achievement of something, desired, planned or attempted. So in a nut shell just means anything that you are trying to do or be, whether it be starting your own business, making more money, writing a book, etc. Once you achieve the life that you have envisioned in your thoughts, that is what makes you successful.

Eric Thomas, “world known” motivational speaker’s video went viral. He was quoted saying if you want success as bad as you want to breathe, you will subsequently be successful. Wow I’m sure everyone wants to breathe so really what are the steps to become a real success story? Everyone is yearning and wanting success. We all want to make more money, or have more than we already have right now. But how bad do we really would like it? How do we really become a real success story.

The steps to becoming a real success story are certainly not always simple as one may think. If so everyone would be a success story, everyone will be making more money, or everyone could be starting their own business, etc. However if you simply want it as bad as you desire to breathe success won’t come but will change your life to techniques you never saw before. You’ll find 5 magical steps that can help your produce true success.

1. Find your own personal purpose ~ Find your own purpose and true happiness will come. We were all designed with a thought in mind and with a true purpose. Finding your life purpose will help you live longer and grow stronger. What if i was sitting in a chair planning on ride us across town like a car would. It wouldn’t work would it? Like it’s not the purpose of the chair to consider us here or there. Find your own purpose and the success you desire will push that you becoming a real success story.

2. Write the Vision ~ Writing the vision could be the 2nd step to transforming into a real success story. The bible says in Habakkuk 2:2, 3 to publish the vision and make it plain, and this may tary but regardless of what or how crazy life could get it will TRULY come. In a nutshell it just says that your dreams and vision will come to life. Writing the vision is an additional word for goal setting for yourself and seeing individual preference will become and be and just what your real live success story may be like.

3. Be willing to Fail ~ All real success stories are full of failure stories. Ok all successful people failed at one time or another. The Michael Jordans, Donald Trumps, and Les Browns around the globe were all willing to fail. They only didn’t quit. The continuing to try over and over again until they turned into a real success story.

4. Put around you other real accounts of success ~ Yes the bible says to become thou unequally yoked with unbelievers. That just means always surround yourself around like-minded people. In order to be a real success story, then have other people who live, breathe and produce success.

5. Certainly be a positive thinker ~ Everybody who are a real success continued to think that they could do just about anything possible than they believed. Even if your chips were down and negative things happened they still believed that they would be a success it doesn’t matter what the results.

People who are a s just do things differently and check out win no matter what. Desire to be a real success story accomplish it and make it happen no matter what.

=Douglas Cotter=


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