It’s Time For You to Function as Success Story!

=Douglas Cotter=

Do you like reading about the online success of others? Does one daydream about what it will be like to be able to tell your boss that you’re leaving? Think about imagining what life will be like if you could get up each day and choose what you want to do, knowing that all the bills are looked after and that there will always be enough take advantage the bank to let you do whatever you desire to do and anytime to do it?

Sounds good don’t you think? Does that sort of life look really good to you? How would you feel when it was you in one of those success stories? So ask yourself this: why not? Why not make the decision that it’s finally time and energy to be the success story! Stop daydreaming over it and make it happen.

“But I don’t know what to do and besides I’ve got to take the kids to college and get to work then when I come home I have got my favourite program to view on TV and…and…” Well, I’m sure that may sound familiar.

The thing is, we see the successes but we don’t often take in the one single common secret to success that they ALL have, and that is they took action. Yes, I know you’ve heard it all before: act, take action blah, blah, blah. It seems a real pain!

But just consider this for a minute. Close the eyes and think about the last time you were enjoying yourself. I am talking about really enjoying yourself. Doesn’t matter what it was, just picture everything you were doing; what you could hear; that which was going on around you; individual preference were with; how we were feeling; what you were doing.

Got it? OK. Now, whatever it was you were doing the main element thing is that you were DOING. I mean you were actually a little sort of action – whatever it was. But did it feel like hard work? Did it feel an uphill struggle to do whatever it absolutely was or were you so simply lost inside the moment that you weren’t really pondering anything else except for the pleasure and pleasure you were feeling?

Well, for the people in the success stories, they found a way of getting the feeling in the actions they needed to do in order to become successful. They Select the path they followed normally because they enjoyed just what it would bring and the journey to have there. OK, so there maybe had a few hiccups as you go along but that’s no more than a temporary thing.

They took over as the success story simply because they started off with an attitude of success; a mindset of enjoying the actions they wanted to take to get there so, eventually, getting there was a done deal.

So, take a look at daydreams and make the decision it’s now time for YOU to are the success story. Don’t accept second best, you deserve to have the life span of your dreams and it’s there to have. All you’ve got to do is ask after which act on it!

=Douglas Cotter=


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